Bay Bridge Auto Accidents

Bay Bridge Auto Accident Attorney

Due to the high frequency of accidents and the elevated danger of those accidents, local, state and federal authorities have recently been commissioned to look into the safety of the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge, also known as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. On average, some 70,000 vehicles cross over the bridge each day.

The bridge sees the highest traffic on weekends and in summer months as vacationers head toward their favorite beaches and with the congestion, an increase in auto accidents. Several serious crashes have occurred over the years. Just recently, one woman was lucky to survive as her car was pushed over the edge into the water after a collision with a semi truck. Video of the woman having swum to her survival was well-documented on the news and social media.

Colonel Michael Kundrat, chief of the Maryland Transportation Authority Police said “A primary reason for crashes on the Bay Bridge is from tailgating…”. With the increased congestion on the bridge, this type of accident occurs more often than it should. Col. Kundrat went on to say “Maintaining a proper following distance is one of the simplest things drivers can do to stay safe and keep other motorists safe.” Some other considerations for causes of Bridge auto accidents are:

– Aggressive or frustrated driving

– Road rage

– Inattentive driving (due to texting)

– Alcohol related causes

– Distracted driving (drivers taking in the view)

– Negligence of basic traffic laws

– Fatigued driving

With no shoulder on the Bay Bridge there is almost no margin for error. Even attentive drivers who see an accident coming have no place to go, more often than not, to avoid a collision. When collisions do happen, the chances of multiple vehicle accidents and dangerous results are greatly increased on the bridge.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident on the Bay Bridge you should consider leveraging the advocacy of an experienced team of attorneys. The Jaklitsch Law Firm handles all types of auto and motor accidents that occur on the Bay Bridge. These may include rear-end car accidents, drunk drivers, auto defect-caused accidents, as well as truck accidents caused by driver fatigue or violation of any federal regulations.

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