Tips to Stop Teen Texting & Driving

Here are some great tips for parents and teens designed to keep you focused and safe.


  • Talk to your kids about teen driver accident statistics.
  • Lead by example when you’re in the car.
  • Encourage your family to take the pledge and commit to distracted-free driving while behind the wheel.
  • Encourage teens to turn cell phone notifications off. If they can’t see or hear their phone go off, they will be less tempted to pick it up.
  • Start a new rule: While driving, cell phones go in the backseat or another spot where they cannot be reached.
  • Download an app that will temporarily disable the phone while driving. They can use it again upon arriving at their destination. ( Here is a list of possibilities.)


  • Put your phone down.
  • Follow safe driving tips.
  • Cut out driver distractions by turning off your phone or setting it to silent mode.
  • Know your route beforehand to avoid using your phone for directions, or pull over during the trip to review where you need to go.
  • Speak up. If you’re in the car with someone who is using their cellphone behind the wheel ask them to stop.
  • Lend the phone to a passenger in the car and have them do the texting if an immediate response is necessary.

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