Trucking is a dangerous job, but it can be more dangerous if another driver acts in a negligent manner while on the road. If you’ve recently been in a truck accident, an award-winning tractor-trailer accident lawyer from The Jaklitsch Law Group will gladly represent you. We serve Prince George’s County, MD, and the surrounding areas.


Semi Truck Accident Attorney for Prince George’s County, MD


Truck accidents can be caused by a myriad of mistakes made by other drivers on the road, including driving under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances, loss of control, unsafe driving speeds, and cell phone use.


The trucking company that you work for may also be at fault for this unfortunate situation. Some causes at the company level include negligent maintenance, overloading, and unaddressed defects in the truck such as its brakes or tires. Regardless of the cause, a truck accident lawyer from our firm will gather evidence and conduct an extensive investigation to determine the root cause.


When you work with us, you can rest assured that we will create a personalized case for you and do everything we can to help the case.

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