While riding a motorcycle is fun, sometimes the consequences can be life changing, especially when an accident occurs. Motorcycle crashes, even seemingly minor ones, are often serious and can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. One of the major reasons is that, unlike vehicles, motorcycles offer little to no protection to the rider when… Read More

motorcycle accident

Summer is the season of motorcycles, road trips, and adventures. Many riders set out to experience all three of those possibilities, but not all return unscathed. According to the Motorcycle Accident Organization, more than 1,400 motorcycle-related injuries occur in Maryland each year. From those accidents, 72 riders do not survive. It is a chilling set… Read More

Due to their lower stability and lack of exterior protection, motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. This danger is particularly true if you find yourself involved in a collision. There were over 5,000 nationwide accidents involving motorcycles in 2016, which was more than a five percent increase from the previous year. In the event of a crash,… Read More