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Have you been in a car accident that has cost you serious injuries, medical bills, your ability to work, and countless other losses? Our Maryland car accident lawyers are ready to help you obtain the compensation owed to you. When another person causes loss to you, they may be held financially responsible for covering your costs. Getting that compensation can be challenging. With years of experience, the award-winning attorneys at Jaklitsch Law Group are ready to fight for you.

Let us fight for you. When you hire our car accident lawyers in Maryland to fight for you, you do not pay a fee to us unless we win your case. Set up a free consultation now with a personal injury lawyer to learn what your legal options are.

Why Choose Us as Your Maryland Car Accident Lawyers?

Providing legal protection to our clients is our priority. We fight for your rights to compensation after other people have put your health and well-being at risk. With over 100 years of combined legal experience among our attorneys, we know the court system, the legal strategies, and the insurance company processes that determine what you are owed.

When you decide to work with our car accident lawyers, you can count on the following:

  • Exceptional communication. We listen, guide, and support you throughout the legal process. When you need us, call. We answer your questions.
  • Proven results. Throughout our years of experience, we have helped our clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation owed to them due to the negligence of others. We will put the same effort towards helping you obtain that compensation.
  • Solid reputation. With a positive reputation in the court system and a network of supportive resources available to our clients, working with Jaklitsch Law Group means you are well-connected and in good hands.

Set up a free consultation now. Speak to us about what happened and your losses. Let us tell you if you have a case and how we can help you. There is no obligation and nothing to pay. Call 301-450-6556 now to discuss your case with our trusted team of attorneys.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland

It is easy to see how a car accident in Maryland can occur. The highways and main thoroughfares are often busy with drivers who are often not paying close attention to their actions and putting others at risk. At the same time, there are countless trucks navigating the same roadways, construction projects nearly always taking place, and various road conditions due to changing weather. It all creates a significant risk of an accident every time you get on the road in this area.

Some of the most common causes of accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers: Drivers may be texting, talking on the phone, or using their navigation systems while trying to operate a vehicle.
  • Fatigued drivers: Those who are on the road very early or very late or who have spent a significant amount of time behind the wheel are likely to be unable to react to changing circumstances
  • Inexperience: Some drivers simply make mistakes because of inexperience, which is often common when it comes to truck accidents
  • DUI: Those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even prescription medications, are less able to operate a vehicle in a safe manner
  • Reckless driving: Speeding, switching lanes without warning, or aggressive driving are also common reasons for accidents to occur

No matter what occurred, if the other driver caused the accident, you may have the legal right to compensation for any damages they caused to you.

How to Handle a Car Accident in Maryland

When you are in a car accident, there are several things to remember to do first. If possible, get yourself to safety off a busy roadway. Then, call 911 to report the accident (no matter how serious it is, as the victim, you want the police to verify what occurred and document the incident). If you are able to do so, take photos of the area, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses, and then get the medical care you need.

Even if you feel okay and do not have any obvious injuries, it is critical to seek out care right away. Often, the injuries from a car accident are not evident right away and may take hours or even days to become evident. By getting care right away, you could prevent a less-than-obvious injury from leading to serious health complications later. Follow up with all medical care your doctor tells you to get.

Contact Our Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Next

As you work on your recovery, know that the insurance company for the at-fault driver may begin calling you. You may have to file a police report as well. Having your attorney ready to help you from the start may ensure you are less at risk for mistakes that could cost you money later. Our team will help you navigate the legal process of filing a claim for compensation from start to finish – helping to alleviate any frustrations you would face otherwise.

At Jaklitsch Law Group, we start the process with a free consultation. There is nothing to pay but a lot to learn about how our legal team can support you.

What If You Have Already Filed a Claim?

Have you filed a claim with the insurance company for your losses but are now struggling to get the compensation owed to you? Perhaps the insurance company is calling and trying to get you to settle. What do you do?

In these situations, allowing our Maryland auto accident attorneys to help you is key. Let us be open and honest with you about whether you should pursue additional compensation before settling your case. We are fair and trusted attorneys. If we think settling your case is the best step for you, that is what we will recommend. If not, we will discuss the potential benefits of pursuing additional legal action.

Even if you are not sure if you have a case, contact our law firm. Our car accident attorneys have helped many people navigate the legal options available to them.

How Much Is Your Maryland Auto Accident Case Worth?

One of the more challenging aspects of filing a claim for an accident is understanding how much you are owed. In a moment’s time, your life could have changed forever. Not only do you have medical bills and damage to your car, but you could have far-reaching losses that could impact how and where you work, the activities you cannot do, and even your lifespan. Assigning a dollar amount to the losses you have is not easy to do, but it is a critical step in the process of getting fair compensation.

Our aggressive legal team has the singular goal of maximizing your compensation. We want to ensure you receive any money owed to you based on the losses you have. To determine what your car accident case in Maryland is worth, we look at numerous factors.

What Medical Bills Do You Have?

If you were in a car accident with serious injuries, you may have numerous medical bills. Some examples may include:

  • Emergency medical care costs
  • Surgical procedures
  • Specialist care in the hospital
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medications
  • Costs for mental health treatment

These costs will depend on the type and severity of the injuries you have. We can help you calculate all of those losses by looking at numerous factors. For example, you may have had emergency medical care, but you may need additional treatment and care for months to come. We want to factor into the cost of your losses, all of those costs likely to impact you for years to come.

What Additional Losses Do You Have?

In addition to medical costs, many people face numerous additional losses related to the car accident. This may include:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Lost time at work
  • Loss of earning capacity if you can no longer do your job
  • Limitations on your quality of life
  • Ongoing pain and suffering
  • Damage to relationships

Our attorneys will navigate the type of losses you have to determine what they are, the extensiveness of them, and how much you may be owed as a result. We are considering the bills you have in your hand but also those that may come in the future. In addition, we always factor in the impact that this accident has had on the quality of your life.

To determine what you may be owed, we can use the data from medical bills as a starting point. We also will speak to medical professionals and experts to determine more accurately how much your injuries will impact you in the months to come. With this insight into your losses coupled with information about cases like your own, we can then seek out accurate compensation that gives you the best possible chance at restoring your quality of life.

Are You Being Harassed by the Insurance Company?

Working with insurance adjusters is difficult to do. Their job is to settle cases quickly and for the least amount possible. That is why many of them use various strategies to try to get people to settle quickly and for less. Here is our guidance on how you can protect yourself from insurance adjuster abuse.

Whenever possible, let our auto accident attorneys in Maryland talk to and deal with the insurance company for you. That eliminates the risk that they could trick you into saying something that is misleading.

Know your rights. You do not have to hand over your medical records or your texting records if they ask for them, though they may seek a court action to do so.

Do not tell them anything but facts if you do talk to them. Do not assume anything. If they say, “But you think this is what occurred…” do not agree with that type of statement. Only provide the facts.

Avoid making any statement of being sorry or at fault. Avoid saying anything that could make it seem like you played a role in the accident itself.

Do not feel rushed or pressured to make a decision or close your case. If you do not know what your losses are, you have the right to continue to pursue compensation. This is not a deal. That is, if they put a time limit on when you can accept their offer, it is generally because they owe you more!

Put our team to work for you and your losses today. There is no reason to have to feel pressured by insurance companies. After a serious car accident, your life’s on the line in many ways. Even if you heal fully, you do not want to suffer the financial loss that often occurs as a result of these accidents. Let us fight to ensure you do not find yourself in that situation.

Talk to Our Maryland Auto Accident Lawyers Now

We know there is so much on the line when a car accident occurs. You are not alone in this process. Our car accident lawyers are ready to fight for your rights.

There is no risk to you when you choose to work with our legal team. We do not charge you a fee for our legal services if you do not win your case. As a result of this, you have nothing to lose and everything to win by working with our legal team.

At Jaklitsch Law Group, we value your future and will do everything we can to help you secure the compensation you are owed. Expect reliable, transparent legal services. To get started, schedule a free consultation with our legal team. Let us answer all your initial questions during a consultation.

Contact Jaklitsch Law Group now for a free consultation. Speak to our Maryland car accident lawyers to learn more about the legal options and rights you have. Be confident in knowing you have a trusted, experienced attorney ready to help you every step of the way. Call our office now to learn how we can help you.

Ensuring Immediate Medical Care

After a car or motorcycle accident, obtaining prompt and appropriate medical care is crucial. We understand the financial burden that medical bills can place on you and your family, which is why we work diligently to make sure your immediate medical expenses are covered upfront by the available Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Our team will guide you through the claims process and coordinate with your healthcare providers to minimize your financial worries, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Securing A Rental Car

Being involved in an accident can leave you without a reliable mode of transportation. We recognize the importance of maintaining your daily routine and ensuring you can continue to work, attend medical appointments, and care for your family. Our attorneys will work on your behalf to secure a rental car for you to use while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced, minimizing any disruptions to your life.

Maximizing Compensation For Your Losses

Our family-oriented law firm is dedicated to helping you receive the maximum amount possible for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other harms and losses you have suffered due to the accident. We will meticulously analyze every aspect of your case, gathering evidence, consulting with expert witnesses, and negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that you receive fair and just compensation. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and, when necessary, tenacious litigators who will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the best result possible.

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