Losing a body part is one of the worst catastrophic injuries you can ever face. Losing an arm or a leg, for example, will have a costly effect on your life. That is why accident claims that involve amputations involve high damages. Below are some of the things that increase the value of amputation injury… Read More

Back injuries result from a variety of causes. They occur as a result of auto accidents, falls, workplace incidents, and injuries caused by assault or criminal violence. No matter the cause of your back injury, you may find it completely debilitating. You might struggle to continue working and going about your business. Read on to… Read More

Drunk driving accidents often result in debilitating and life-threatening internal injuries. While you might not expect it, intoxicated driving crashes happen at brunch more frequently than you may think. According to a recent analysis conducted by QuoteWizard, more than 10 percent of nationwide drunk driving crashes happen around brunch. To be sure, fatal drunk driving… Read More

Car accidents that cause life-threatening internal injuries happen too frequently at rail crossings in Baltimore County. Indeed, according to a report from NBC News, a car and train recently collided at a dangerous rail crossing. Reporting just after the collision indicated that the victim sustained life-threatening injuries. Although the car accident victim is expected to… Read More

According to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), red light cameras may actually reduce the likelihood of fatal accidents as a result of speeding by up to 19%. After the IIHS surveyed two years of data from a Maryland county which utilizes red light cameras, researchers concluded these cameras “reduced… Read More