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Is income from personal injury settlements taxable like other standard income? Many people who have received settlements from a personal injury case wonder if they have to pay taxes on the money they received. The bottom line is that sometimes settlement payments are taxable, and sometimes they are not. Yes, it can become complicated quickly.… Read More

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Can you file a negligence claim after you have been injured? The short answer is yes, but first it is important to understand a few important details about how the process works. Personal Injury and Negligence Claims Have Statutes of Limitations For many personal injury cases in Maryland and surrounding areas, the statute of limitations… Read More

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Summer is a prime time for traveling, and that means the potential for personal injury is higher. What happens if you are visiting another state and are injured there? The simple answer is that you can file a personal injury claim in a state where you do not reside. Here’s more on that process. What… Read More

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The term “statute of limitations” is a set of laws that define the period of time in which you must file a lawsuit following a criminal or civil situation, or have your claim forever barred. The Period of Time For many types of injuries or other legal situations, the statute of limitations is three years.… Read More

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In Maryland, bicyclists have the same rights after a bicycle crash as those who drive motor vehicles, and like, drivers, bicyclists must adhere to the rules and regulations outlined by the state of Maryland. What Are Your Rights After A Bicycle Crash? Your rights after any type of crash – be that a bicycle crash… Read More

The term “personal injury” literally means any injury to your “person” (your body). However, in the legal context, it is much broader than that. A personal injury claim also often involves property damage, emotional damage, lost wages, and more. The claim goes far beyond the medical bills you might need to cover because of a… Read More

As an auto accident victim, you deserve compensation for all losses related to the accident. For example, the defendant should compensate you for all the house chores that you cannot do due to your injury. Below are a few factors that determine such compensation and how you can prove them. Critical Factors Replacement compensation varies… Read More

If you believe the odds of sustaining a personal injury are slim, you might be surprised. Personal injury statistics from automobile accidents, accidents involving trucks, slip and falls, and those resulting from malpractice are staggering. These personal injuries cause financial tragedies. They create disabilities and the inability to work. They can cause lifelong discomfort and… Read More

All accidents between cars and any kind of truck are serious just due to the differences in size and weight. When the accident involves a tanker truck, there are more dangers than an accident with an ordinary semi-truck. Tanker trucks carry large amounts of liquid. They may carry gasoline or dangerous chemicals. They may carry… Read More