What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Cases?

The term “statute of limitations” is a set of laws that define the period of time in which you must file a lawsuit following a criminal or civil situation, or have your claim forever barred.

The Period of Time

For many types of injuries or other legal situations, the statute of limitations is three years. However, that is not always the case as some types of injuries, crimes, or civil situations have a different period or statute that defines the period of time in which you can seek legal retribution.

The Statute of Limitations for assault in Maryland is one year.

The Statute of Limitations for slander in Maryland is also one year.

It is best to seek the advice of a lawyer to determine when the exact period of time begins and ends. How the period begins determines when the statute of limitation ends.

If you wait too long after the injury or accident in Maryland, and the statute of limitation expires, you will not be able to bring legal action against those parties that caused harm.

Understanding When the Period Begins

When the period begins determines when the statute of limitations ends. A statute of limitations is a period of time – having a beginning and end. It is during that period that you have the right to file legal action for a potential personal injury case. Once that period ends, your right to legal retribution ends, and in most cases it may not be revived.

For many injury cases, the period begins on the date that the injury occurred. A motor vehicle accident that occurs on June 1, 2022, has a statute of limitations of three years. That means that the period begins on June 1, 2022, and it would end on May 31, 2025. After May 31, 2025, your claim will be barred unless your claim falls into a very narrow exception.

There are some exceptions. If you were in a coma for four years, you might have a chance to persuade the court to listen to your case since you have a valid medical reason why you could not file a court case within the defined statute of limitations. In cases, like this example, the statute of limitations is customized. Legal representation is the best place to start for these exceptions.
Other factors that indicate a start date include the day a crime occurred or the day in which a contract was broken. The difference between the expiration date of the standard statute of limitations and the customized end date for filing legal retribution determines the actual start date, even when there is a definite date when the injury or criminal action occurs. Medical malpractice is another example. You may not realize that you have been injured during a surgery for many years after the date the surgery occurred, or that a prescribed medication caused adverse effects. That is why it is crucial to contact an attorney immediately.

Contact The Jaklitsch Law Group For More Information Regarding Statute of Limitations

Because the Statute of Limitations can be vague, it is helpful to have a qualified lawyer review your case. If you are in a situation where you are unsure what the time period is to file a case, contact our experienced legal team at The Jaklitsch Law Group. We are here to help you understand the statute of limitations, how it applies to your case, and to save your case if it can be saved.


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