Auto Accident Lawyer in Bowie, MD


After a car accident, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to deal with insurance and other legal issues. Don’t try to do it on your own. Instead, get the help from an auto accident lawyer from The Jaklitsch Law Group as soon as possible. If you need an auto accident attorney for your accident in the Bowie, MD, contact us today.


Ask for an Auto Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, an auto accident attorney is your best resource to make the experience easier. An auto accident lawyer can help you with insurance, medical care, rental cars, and investigations into the cause of the accident. We’ll even hire private investigators if necessary to review the police report, take pictures, or talk to experts.

Whether the auto accident involved a drunk driver, an uninsured motorist, a motorcycle, a pedestrian, or anything else, our legal team can help take care of the aftermath of the accident. This will allow you to focus on recovery.


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If you need the help of an auto accident attorney for dealing with the aftermath of an accident in the Bowie, MD, area, contact The Jaklitsch Law Group today for a free consultation by calling (866) 586-6079.