4 Reasons Why Police Reporting Is Important For Personal Injury Cases 

There are numerous reasons why a police report is a critical aspect of a personal injury case, especially personal injuries that occur during a car accident.

Here is a list of why you need a police report for a personal injury case.

  1. A police report is an unbiased piece of evidence that states the facts – When you have unbiased documentation of the accident, It cuts through the “he said, she said” arguments.
  2. A police report puts you at the accident scene, which means that dismissing the case will be difficult because you can prove you were there. In the case of a car accident, Maryland drivers may suffer; the insurance cannot say that the damage happened elsewhere.
  3. A police report describes the accident from the police’s point of view. The officer may insert data such as estimated speeds, road conditions, etc. They will also take statements from both parties and photographs on some occassions. If this is a hit-and-run accident, then they will take a description of the vehicle that caused the accident and then fled. The reason that these aspects are essential is that injuries often begin to show up later. The rush of adrenalin can mask injuries. With data from a police report on the type of injuries sustained, we can prove the severity. A police report helps you prove you have injuries and correlate with the accident.
  4. A police report is the first step in the long road to recovering damages. Without a police report, some personal injury cases do not move anywhere. It becomes a stalemate of “They said, I said,” and insurance adjusters will routinely deny those claims.

These four reasons why a police report is essential to your case help to illustrate the power that you need to win damages. Not only money, but enough money to fit your injury and the medical needs that you may have for the rest of your life.

How Jaklitsch Law Group Can Help You!

Personal injury cases are complex. As your personal injury attorney, we represent you and help move your case forward. We work with many types of personal injury victims in the Upper Marlboro area, and throughout Maryland. Our exceptional experience handling injury cases of all sizes makes us the perfect fit for your auto accident personal injury.

Hiring a lawyer can help secure adequate money to compensate for injuries that could potentially limit your income down the road. You could have the means to help cover medical care that may continue for your entire lifetime. How much money will your personal injury cost you throughout your life? Even a minor back injury can limit what types of jobs you can hold.

Learn more about what your personal injury will cost you if not represented by a top attorney by reaching out to our team at Jaklitsch Law Group. We are here to answer any questions you may have during your free interview.  So get answers to your questions now by contacting us. Remember, you never pay us an attorney fee until we win your case.


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