5 Things to Do Following an Uber Accident

There are likely more than a million Uber drivers in America and accidents involving Uber rides occur more frequently. Therefore, it is essential to know what to do if you find yourself in such an accident.

In many cases, legal and insurance issues will cause the biggest challenges. However, you’ll be less stressed if you do the following five things immediately after an Uber accident.

1. Get Medical Assistance

Getting medical assistance is the first thing you should do in an accident. Whether you are a pedestrian, a passenger, or another driver, it is vital to ensure you are physically okay. If not, call 911 to request medical assistance.

If you are okay, check if everybody else is injured and request a physician if there’s a need. On the other hand, if nobody is injured, you can bypass the 911 call and proceed to alert the police. We cover more about that below.

2. Alert the Police

Most states require you to report any accident that results in bodily injuries or property damage to the police. Getting a police report is even more crucial if you are involved in an Uber accident.

Once you gather all information, call the police and have them write a report. You’ll need the report to help establish and substantiate any claims. However, don’t forget to have your own recollection of the accident.

3. Gather Information

Nothing is more crucial than gathering information at the accident scene. You’ll need different details to help build a strong case. Some of the details to collect include:

  • The name, contact information, and insurance information of everyone involved in the accident
  • Pictures and videos of the accident scene
  • The Uber driver’s insurance information

Make sure you take close-up pictures, from all angles if possible, and some shots from a distance to capture the whole scene.

Also, if the Uber driver isn’t willing to provide their own insurance information, you can ask the police to get this critical information. Chances are you’ll need to contact the driver’s insurance before Uber coverage kicks in.

4. Call an Uber Accident Lawyer

You’ll need a lawyer to help you claim any compensation you may be eligible for from Uber or the driver’s insurance. If a claim is necessary, make sure you contact your lawyer before doing anything else.

An Uber accident attorney will advise you on what to do next, and it is advisable to get them involved before calling your insurance. Also, avoid contacting other driver’s insurance so you don’t compromise the stand your lawyer will take on the case.

The Uber insurance policy offers up to $1 million to passengers injured in accidents involving their drivers. However, the coverage is contingent, meaning it only kicks in if the driver’s insurance isn’t sufficient to cover the claim.

Uber will expect the driver’s insurance to cover all damages. Even then, making a claim requires a fight, which is why you should involve an accident attorney. Your lawyer can handle all the negotiations and communication.

Finding yourself in an accident can be a traumatic experience. However, the steps you take next are crucial, especially if there are bodily injuries and property damages.

Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group after an Uber accident, and we will review the case and advise you on the best ways to get your damages.


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