Children and School Injuries: What Are Your Rights?

When you send your child to school, you expect that the teachers, staff, and administration will do everything they can to keep your child safe. However, accidents happen, and there are situations where a child might be injured on school grounds.

In those cases, parents might have the option to assert a lawsuit on behalf of their child. That lawsuit can help pay for things like medical bills and the time you had to take off work to care for your child.

Common Injuries at Maryland Schools

Some of the most common ways that a child may be injured at school include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Sporting injuries
  • Bullying or injuries caused by another child
  • School bus accidents
  • Life-threatening allergies
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Defective play equipment
  • Sexual or physical abuse from teachers or other administration

Thankfully, most Maryland schools are very safe for children. But, when injuries arise, you may need to take action to assert your child’s legal rights.

Can I Sue the School? What You Need to Know

If your child is a minor, then he or she relies on you to assert their legal rights for them. That means that any lawsuit that you start will be on behalf of your child but listed as being in your name.

Just because your child was injured at school does not automatically mean that you have a legal claim. Instead, you need to prove that the teachers, staff, or administration did something wrong that resulted in your child’s injury.

For example, a slip and fall incident where your child just tripped over their own feet at school is not going to be grounds for a legal case. However, a slip and fall in the hallway because the janitor did not use wet floor signs might be grounds for a claim.

Get an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Cases against schools can be very tricky, especially when they involve public schools. These cases are fact-intensive and vary a great deal based on your unique situation.

You should explore your legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney—and do so quickly. There could be very restrictive timelines that apply to your child’s case. Give the experienced attorneys at The Jaklitsch Law Group a call at, 855-Big-Dog1.


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