Don’t Be Fooled By “Minor” Accident Injuries

Every year there are over 6 million car accidents in the United States. Of course, not all of these result in injuries, but a significant number do. In fact, over 3 million people are injured as a result of car accidents. Severe injuries are often obvious, with visible wounds or the loss of mobility. Many, however, are considered “minor”. These ”minor” injuries, frequently resulting in aches, pains, or soreness, are often ignored. Here’s why you shouldn’t get “fooled” by seemingly minor accident injuries.

Severity May Not Manifest Itself Quickly

Accident victims will often complain of aches or pains following a car accident, but may not seek medical attention. This can be costly. Many car accident injuries may not manifest in severe pain or immobility for weeks or even months. Aches may even appear to disappear after a few days. A victim may experience headaches that seem to weaken following an incident. The problem is a delay in seeking medical or legal assistance may lead to forfeited benefits or the ability to seek payments for medical care.

Neck and Back Injuries Can Be Severe

Injuries to the neck and back are often more severe than first thought. Pain or discomfort may lead to limited long-term mobility or even the loss of your ability to work. Enjoyment of life may be limited. Do not discount what may seem to be minor injuries.

Be Cautious About Statements to the Insurance Company

Insurance companies know many of those involved in car accidents will shrug off injuries or not want to seek medical or legal assistance. They may try to get the injured to say so. You are best served to seek legal help and avoid commenting about your injuries to the insurance company of another driver. An attorney specializing in personal injury law can best guide you through a satisfactory judgment or settlement.

Getting the Assistance You Deserve

If you or someone you care about has been recently involved in a car accident, minor injuries should not be dismissed. Sometimes the initial shock of the incident may mask pain, or dislocation or injury may first appear minimal. Keep in mind that any car accident involves one or more vehicles weighing thousands of pounds. This can result in lower back pain, strains, torn ligaments, dislocations, or other neck and back injuries. Sharp pain and throbbing may even come and go, giving the illusion it may be lessening. The problem is your window for making a claim may be limited. This is one of the reasons to seek representation from an attorney who specializes in accident injuries. In Maryland, The Jaklitsch Law Group can help.

The Jaklitsch Law Group is a Maryland-based, nationally recognized law firm with over 80 years of experience. Even under the current pandemic conditions, we are accepting new clients from those who have been involved in automobile and truck accidents. In fact, much of what we do can be accomplished remotely.

Don’t minimize your injuries following a car accident. Seek medical attention and get the legal representation you deserve. Contact The Jaklitsch  Law Group today, 855-Big-Dog1.


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