Drunk Driving Accidents During Brunch Hours in Maryland

Drunk driving accidents often result in debilitating and life-threatening internal injuries.

While you might not expect it, intoxicated driving crashes happen at brunch more frequently than you may think. According to a recent analysis conducted by QuoteWizard, more than 10 percent of nationwide drunk driving crashes happen around brunch. To be sure, fatal drunk driving accidents at brunch time occur in Maryland more often than many other states. Indeed, the data shows that Maryland ranks 18th nationwide for the highest rate of impaired driving collisions during brunch hours. In Maryland, collisions during late morning and midday account for more than 11 percent of all intoxicated driving accidents.

Brunch hours are becoming a serious problem for impaired driving crashes.

Generally speaking, brunch hours are identified as those between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The QuoteWizard analysis indicates that more than 3,900 deadly drunk driving accidents happened around brunch time between 2013-2017. Brunch has become more common in Maryland and across the U.S. in recent years. Accordingly, cocktails like mimosas accompany breakfast foods with some frequency. More often than not, these fatal drunk driving accidents happen on the weekends. At Saturday and Sunday brunches, customers frequently order multiple cocktails before getting behind the wheel.

Now, in Maryland and in other states, serious intoxicated driving crashes happen in the earlier hours of the day. According to Maryland personal injury attorney Rick Jaklitsch, “anyone who has been injured in a drunk driving accident deserves compensation.” Jaklitsch emphasized, “when a drunk driver gets behind the wheel after brunch, an injury victim should hold that driver accountable.” Whether intoxicated driving collisions happen at night or during brunch hours, the impaired driver should be responsible for damages.

Traffic crashes caused by drunk drivers can cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and others on the road.

WebMD underscores the severity of drunk driving accidents, highlighting how they can result in internal bleeding. As WebMD clarifies, internal bleeding from a collision should be taken very seriously. Although an injury victim may not have immediate signs of internal bleeding, the injury can be life-threatening. Indeed, drunk driving crashes and other car accidents often leave injury victims with blunt trauma and internal injuries. Like the QuoteWizard analysis stresses, these accidents can happen at anytime of the day in Maryland. To be sure, more and more of these collisions occur in Maryland during brunch hours on the weekends.

Anyone involved in a crash with a drunk driver could sustain life-threatening or fatal injuries, and should contact Jaklitsch Law Group to discuss your rights.


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