Maryland schools ranked No. 1 in nation, Virginia schools ranked 4th

WASHINGTON – For the fifth year in a row, Maryland public schools have been ranked No. 1 in the nation by Education Week.

The year the Quality Counts review by Education Week gave Maryland an overall grade of a B-plus. Maryland has continued to build upon its success since gaining the top slot in the nation in 2009.

“Maryland public schools are so fortunate to have bipartisan support throughout the state,” State Superintendent Lillian Lowery said in a news release.

“Our schools have the benefit of strong support from the Governor, other elected officials, educators, parents, business leaders, and the public at large. This ranking could not be achieved without the support of every partner, and we won’t be able to continue our improvement without that broad coalition.”

Massachusetts came in second with a B, followed closely by New York.

Virginia maintained its fourth place ranking with an overall grade of B, while D.C. schools moved out of the bottom five to 45th place with a C-minus.

“Virginia is blessed to have some of the best schools, school systems and teachers in the nation but all students deserve to attend excellent schools with great teachers,” Gov. Bob McDonnell said in a news release.

Nationwide, schools received a C in the assessment of six areas of education policy and performance.

South Dakota, Nevada, and Idaho came in at the bottom of list.


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