Teen Drivers: Apps to help keep your kids safe

Teen Drivers

1. DriveSafe.ly Pro

Unlike most apps that completely block calls and text messages, this app allows users to reply without taking their eyes off the road or hands of the wheel. Simply turn the app on when you get in the car, and it will read all text messages and emails out loud. Voice-control allows the driver to respond without even touching the phone. The app can also connect to Bluetooth systems, making it easier to hear. Although texting is not important while driving, this app allows teens to do it safely if they need to.

2. DriveScribe

Want to learn to drive safely and get real rewards for it? That is exactly what DriveScribe does. The app uses GPS to determine where the driver is and all of the road law information for that area. If the driver breaks a rule like speeding, an alert goes off and lets the driver know what they did wrong. After each trip, the driver is given a score and they can see how they compare to other drivers across the US. Over time, points are given out for driving without infractions. These points can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon and Dominos Pizza. The app is completely free to download and use, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

3. Automatic

Automatic is a combination of both an app and an in-car adaptor. Although it is pricey, all of the benefits justify the cost. The adaptor is plugged into the car’s diagnostics port and it sends all information to the app. Users can read engine error codes right on their phone instead of taking it to a mechanic. The app also keeps track of driving patterns and notifies the driver on how to drive for better fuel efficiency. You will never have to guess how much further you can drive with the amount of gas you can, the app tells you exactly how many miles until empty. One of the best features of Automatic, is that it calls emergency services if a crash is detected. The app will connect to the Automatic call center who will talk to the driver and call the local authorities, the call center will stay on the line until emergency personnel arrive. We hope that our teens are never involved in an accident, but parents can feel safe knowing the Automatic is in the car.

4. Canary

This may not be a favorite app for the teens but it’s a winner with their parents. Canary allows parents to know everything their teen is doing behind the wheel. Every time the driver’s phone is even unlocked, the parents are notified. The app also lets parents know when their teen is outside of their designated area or breaking the maximum set speed. Parents can check Canary at any time to see their child’s driving records and where they are currently. There are some benefits for the teens though. If you are ever involved in an accident, there is proof that you weren’t (or were) speeding. It may just save you from a ticket. The app has an easily accessible emergency center where first responders can call parents if it is ever necessary.

Remember, while these apps are helpful, they should NOT become a distraction. If you ever find that an app is becoming more harm than good, talk to your parents.


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