All accidents between cars and any kind of truck are serious just due to the differences in size and weight. When the accident involves a tanker truck, there are more dangers than an accident with an ordinary semi-truck. Tanker trucks carry large amounts of liquid. They may carry gasoline or dangerous chemicals. They may carry… Read More

Vertigo is a medical disorder that affects multiple senses and triggers a spinning or moving sensation even when you are still. Vertigo has multiple causes. For example, you can develop vertigo due to auto accident injuries. Like other auto accident injuries, you can receive compensation for your vertigo. Below is an overview of post-accident vertigo.… Read More

When you send your child to school, you expect that the teachers, staff, and administration will do everything they can to keep your child safe. However, accidents happen, and there are situations where a child might be injured on school grounds. In those cases, parents might have the option to assert a lawsuit on behalf… Read More

Every year there are over 6 million car accidents in the United States. Of course, not all of these result in injuries, but a significant number do. In fact, over 3 million people are injured as a result of car accidents. Severe injuries are often obvious, with visible wounds or the loss of mobility. Many,… Read More

Ideally, your body should remain inside the car in case of a car crash. However, the impact of a collision can throw you out of the car and worsen your injuries. Understanding why that might happen can help you pursue your auto accident damages. Below are some of the things that increase your risk of… Read More

A jackknifing accident occurs when the trailer part of a semi-truck folds onto the tractor part. The size and weight of semi-trucks mean such accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and damages. Below are potential causes of jackknifing accidents. You can use the knowledge to investigate and prove your claim if you are the victim of… Read More

You don’t have to stop driving if you are expectant. Just be aware of the heightened risks so you can take relevant measures to deal with them. That way, you reduce your risk of accidents and injuries due to pregnancy-related issues. Below are some safety tips to help you drive safely during pregnancy. Leave Ample… Read More

An auto collision where the cars burst into flames is likely to cause severe injuries. Victims are likely to suffer burn and smoke-inhalation injuries in addition to injuries from the impact of the collision as well as mental anguish from being trapped in the car. Below are some of the reasons auto collisions can cause… Read More