Wrongful death statutes differ from state-to-state. You must understand the requirements of your state’s wrongful death statute if you want to file a wrongful death case. Failure to comply with these standards can result in the court dismissing the lawsuit. Read on to discover an overview of wrongful death claims in Maryland to help you… Read More

While riding a motorcycle is fun, sometimes the consequences can be life changing, especially when an accident occurs. Motorcycle crashes, even seemingly minor ones, are often serious and can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. One of the major reasons is that, unlike vehicles, motorcycles offer little to no protection to the rider when… Read More

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When you get into an Uber or Lyft, the possibility of an accident is the last thing on your mind. Of course, you trust the person behind the wheel. However, accidents can happen. And, when they do, you may wonder who is responsible (especially if you sustain injuries requiring extensive medical attention). If you suffer… Read More

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Is income from personal injury settlements taxable like other standard income? Many people who have received settlements from a personal injury case wonder if they have to pay taxes on the money they received. The bottom line is that sometimes settlement payments are taxable, and sometimes they are not. Yes, it can become complicated quickly.… Read More

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Summer is the season of motorcycles, road trips, and adventures. Many riders set out to experience all three of those possibilities, but not all return unscathed. According to the Motorcycle Accident Organization, more than 1,400 motorcycle-related injuries occur in Maryland each year. From those accidents, 72 riders do not survive. It is a chilling set… Read More

The law provides you with an opportunity for indemnification after you are the victim of an accident that was not your fault. While some accidents are inevitable, being a victim of one does not mean the end for you. Filing a compensation claim can help you get by after an injury. Discover factors that determine… Read More

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Can you file a negligence claim after you have been injured? The short answer is yes, but first it is important to understand a few important details about how the process works. Personal Injury and Negligence Claims Have Statutes of Limitations For many personal injury cases in Maryland and surrounding areas, the statute of limitations… Read More